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Change a Light, Change the World


Did You Know?

In the average U.S. home, lighting accounts for about 20% of the electric bill. Americans can save money and protect the environment by installing energy saving lighting.

If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an energy saving bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, more than $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of more than 800,000 cars.


Choose The Right Light

Matching the right CFL to the right kind of fixture helps ensure that it will perform properly and last a long time.

To choose the CFL with the right amount of light, find a CFL that is labeled as equivalent to the incandescent bulb you are replacing.

You should also check the lumen rating to find the right CFL. The higher the lumen rating, the greater the light output. Consult the following chart to determine what CFL wattage is best to replace your incandescent light bulb:

Coil, A-Shape, Globe, Tubular, Chandelier, Reflectors, PARs, 3-Way, Dimmable

Incandescent (Watts) CFL (Watts) Typical Lumens Savings** (Over Lamp Life)
25 5 300 $20
40 7-11 500 $33
60 12-16 800 $48
75 18-20 1200 $57
100 23-32 1600 $77
150 42 2800 $108
250 55 3600 $195

** Based on 10,000 Hours Lamp Life


Save Energy & Money

Use the following energy savings calculation to determine your savings.

  1. Original Bulb Wattage – Replacement Bulb Wattage = TOTAL WATTAGE SAVED
  2. Total Wattage Saved x Average Rated Life / 1000 = TOTAL KILOWATT HOURS SAVED OVER BULB LIFE
  3. Total Kilowatt Hours Saved Over Lamp Life x Energy Cost Per Kwh = TOTAL $ SAVED OVER LIFE OF THE BULB


How much money is saved by replacing a 100W incandescent bulb with a 23W CFL?

$77.00 Click HERE to see our Interactive Energy Saving/ROI Calculator


Recycle Your Energy Saving Bulbs

Mercury is an essential element in the operation of fluorescent lighting - it allows the bulbs to be an efficient light source. Because fluorescents contain trace amounts of mercury, it is important to educate yourself on the proper disposal of these products. Bulbrite offers a full recycling program as summarized below.

Click HERE to see our Recycling Program
  1. Buy and use ENERGY WISER compact fluorescent (CFLs) and fluorescent light bulbs.
  2. Bring back used CFLs and fluorescents to a Bulbrite distributor for recycling
  3. The used CFLs and fluorescents will be shipped to Complete Recycling Solution and the recycling process will begin
  4. After the CFLs have been recycled, a Certificate of Recycling will be issued to the Bulbrite distributor

Do your part, join BULBRITE to save the environment. Brighten up tomorrow, Recycle Today!