Bulb Busters

The new legislation has created much confusion about lighting.
Here are a few myths we'd like to shed some light on.

Myth 01

The higher the bulb wattage, the
brighter the bulb will be.

Incandescent bulbs traditionally follow this myth, but the emergence of more efficient lighting has blown this idea out of the water. Most incandescent bulb replacements function at lower wattages while producing the same level of brightness.

Myth 02

Energy efficient bulbs are only
available in those funny - looking
spiral shaped compact fluorescents.

There is no need to sacrifice the style you like for energy efficiency. Bulbrite’s EcoHalogen A19 bulbs have the same look as the traditional incandescent A19. Covered CFL hide the spiral look with a traditional “A19” shape cover. There are also LED options available today that mimic the same traditional shape.

Myth 03

It is not worth replacing traditional
bulbs with energy efficient ones due
to the increased cost.

Choosing a more energy efficient light source can result in significant savings! You may not believe it, but you can see a substantial difference in your electric bill by simply making the switch today.

Myth 04

Energy efficient bulbs are not

There are many energy efficient alternatives with dimming capability. Halogen bulbs are an excellent example. Since they operate like an incandescent, they offer the same dimming capabilities. Bulbrite’s EcoHalogen bulbs are the best energy efficient choice for dimming. LEDs and CFLs are also available in dimmable options. Be sure to read packaging for dimming capabilities.