3 Energy Efficient Alternatives – It’s Your Choice

Due to the new energy efficient standards, some of the bulbs you currently use in your home will no longer be available.

Today, you have 3 choices of energy efficient light bulbs: halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED).

Each option allows you to enjoy the benefits of more efficient lighting without sacrificing the light quality you have come to expect from a Bulbrite product.

Find the right alternative for you by first looking at the benefits of each energy efficient option:

EcoHalogen, CFL, LED - New
Benefits EcoHalogen CFL LED
Same Shape Yes  Yes  Yes 
Similar Brightness Yes  Yes  Yes 
Full Dimmability Yes    Yes 
Cost Effective Yes  Yes   
Energy Saving Yes  Yes  Yes 
Ambient Effect Yes    Yes 
Halogen, Bulb of Choice

Some more things to consider:

Another helpful tip when comparing light sources is to check for BRIGHTNESS!

An easy way to do this is to check the “Lighting Facts Label” on bulb packaging which lists “Lumens”.

“Lumens” is the measure of how bright a light source is and to pick an alternative with the right amount of light, you’ll need to know how many lumens your replacement requires.

Use the chart below to identify your required lumen rating and then check packaging for bulbs with a similar brightness.

Incandescent bulb Brightness
40 watt 460 lumens
60 watt 800 lumens
75 watt 1100 lumens
100 watt 1600 lumens
Bulbrite Arrow
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Still having a hard time finding the right alternative for you? Call or email us.

At Bulbrite, we have a staff of American Lighting Association Certified specialists that can help you find the bulb you are looking for.

You can reach us Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm by calling 800-528-5555 or email us anytime at info@lightopedia.com