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Have you noticed that many of the bulbs you’ve grown to know and love are not on store shelves anymore? Over the past few years, increasing energy efficiency standards for incandescent light bulbs have caused a shift in lighting options.

Confused? We're here to help.
The new legislation means that you now have more options than ever. Be sure to read on to find out more about what’s available to you.


Bye Bye Bulb

Bulb Busters

Get ready for the change

Yes, you've read correctly. It's time to say "bye - bye" to the light bulb you've grown to know and love. Congress recently passed a law to encourage the use of more efficient bulbs nationwide.


3 Energy Efficient

Bulb Busters

It's Your Choice

The new legislation caused a shift in lighting options but it didn’t reduce your choices. Now you can choose from EcoHalogen, CFL or LED options.


Bulb Busters

Bulb Busters

Busting the light bulb myths

The new legislation has created much confusion about light bulbs. Here are a few myths we'd like to shed some light on.